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What is IdeasXChange?

IdeasXChange is a volunteer-driven social innovation hub based at UBC, mobilizing youth through forums and leadership training. 

This is achieved by providing access to systems thinking workshops, speaker engagements,  case competitions, and online media.

Over 1,000 people have been mobilized to date, and numerous industry and community leaders have been engaged as partners. 

Everyone is welcome at our events, be it from UBC and beyond. 

There has never been a time of information sharing like today's,

A time when hunger, malnutrition, poverty and epidemics were as  well controlled  as today, even in the poorest societies, 

But even if all commonly debated social problems had been resolved,  we would have to still face the future being built and the downsides coming with it. By acknowledging there is no perfect world, IdeasXChange is a forward looking organization built to connect minds, spread knowledge, inspire and foster innovative thinking.

By joining IdeasXChange, you get the chance to meet new people and be part of thought-provoking and inspiring discussions through interactive workshops, networking events, case competitions and our movements.

Check out projects and incredible speakers we have brought by following this link.

As a member, you get the chance to share your ideas with peers and leaders in the social impact space, entrepreneurship, sustainability, and business, among other sectors. Even better, you get exclusive access to all networking opportunities.

This online magazine also features editorials, thought pieces, writing contests, and innovators at UBC and Vancouver. We will soon launch our Thought Catalogue  where youth and innovators will have the chance to be featured on our website and social media. Details will be released soon.






Forums and Events

Learn about our forums and events on our Events page:

Become a Member

For $10 (for students), you can attend events and forums for a discounted price. This include networking, workshopping and food!


The Creation

We built a platform for students to learn and network with fellow students and inspiring individuals in our community.


Establishing IdeasXChange

With support from our sponsors and partnering clubs, we held larger and more impactful events


The Next Step

We strive to create more impactful events and increase community involvement in developing new ideas and solutions