About Us

What is IdeasXChange?

IdeasXChange is a startup think tank at UBC that provides a space for innovation through forums, roundtable discussions, and online media.

The IdeasXChange network is the place to connect with community leaders and changemakers.

We also produce thought provoking online content on innovation and sustainability in Vancouver and beyond. Our online magazine also features editorials, thought pieces, writing contests, and innovators at UBC and Vancouver.


We believe in the power of collaborative learning by bringing people who think differently to address today’s pressing challenges. Our strength is connecting students across disciplines, and community members from different backgrounds through forums, impact labs and round table discussions.

Our forums and case competitions encourage attendees to think critically and innovatively about pressing issues through solutions-oriented frameworks.

We facilitate this through panels and round table discussions featuring innovative and influential community and industry leaders as knowledge experts. Attendees often times get exclusive access with knowledge experts, an attribute unique to our organization.

As a member of IdeasXChange, you become part of a growing network that has brought hundreds of people together and dozens of influencers and thinkers.


Our online magazine engages audiences with innovative news from UBC and Vancouver. The magazine also features innovators on campus and editorials along with thought pieces on today’s pressing challenges through the lenses of innovation and sustainability.

Just like the forums – our writers come from all backgrounds and disciplines.


The unprecedented issues of today compels us to connect minds and spread knowledge. We want to inspire and foster innovative thinking through our IdeasXChange hub events, and engage through insightful online content.

Want to know more about us? Check out our team or contact us.