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Dear Prospective Partners,

IdeasXChange is a student-run, non-profit organization that connects and empowers young innovators. We believe in the capabilities of youth, and cultivate their potential by fostering a community of driven, like-minded individuals engaging in scholarly discussion. We thereby enable students to learn collaboratively, express their passion for sustainability and innovation, and expand the scope of human knowledge through forums, impact labs, leadership trainings, and online media.

Our team is composed of experienced and dedicated students that have held 14 successful workshops and forums since 2015. To date, over 500 post-secondary students, change- makers, and industry professionals have actively engaged in our events, topics ranging from food security to ecological economics. A diverse population of attendees allow us to not only promote positive conversations in the community, but also enhance intercultural collaboration. Together with the inquisitive minds and the scholarly yet experiential forums and online media content, we have continually inspired and empowered youth. 

This year, IdeasXChange is proud to host the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (the SDGs) Youth Training Program. Through being selected from a competitive application pool, we have gained recognition for being a leader in fostering innovation and sustainability. Join us to make positive change happens!
Previous Speakers:

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