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Our Team

Our team is made up of driven people who are passionate about tackling today’s challenges through innovation, education and dialogue. Most of us have a connection with UBC or the community, and come from different fields and disciplines.

Executive Team
TEDx speaker, passionate about global affairs, sustainability, innovation. UBC International Relations BA, 3+ years in research/policy in government and private sector. Multilingual, global citizen. Tech enthusiast.
Miguel Rozo
Founder & Managing Director
Steven Zhang
Founding Member, President
Rithikha Rajamohan
Executive Director
Sponsorship Team
Pauline is hard-working and idealistic UBC business student who strives to leverage sustainable impact through financial and strategic empowerment. In addition, she loves IdeasXChange.
Pauline Tsai
Sponsorship Director
Chantal Gering
Assistant Director, Sponsorship
External Relations Team
International Relations and Asian Canadian & Migration studies student. Passionate about identity and migration studies. Lifelong reader - can always find her surrounded by books.
Phebe Ferrer
External Relations Director
Political Science Undergrad, poverty and community activist. William falls asleep to the calming sounds of political discourse
William Canero
Assistant Director (Outreach)
Michelle Lemelin
Assistant Director (Special Projects)
Marketing Team
A technology nerd and a Computer Science student at UBC. Aditya is passionate about artificial intelligence, innovation, entrepreneurship and sustainability. He even runs a tech blog with one million views.
Aditya Chinchure
Marketing Director
Sean Wu
Assistant Director, Marketing
Sahar Mann
Social Media Manager
UBC Relations Team
A green city design enthusiast and UBC Natural Resources Conservation student. Xuedan is passionate about accessible education and leadership — what she believes are the fundamental tools to mobilize positive change.
Xuedan Xu
UBC Relations Director
Cheryl Lin
S.E.O Volunteer Lead & Outreach
Mo Obaid
S.E.O. - Clubs/Associations Liaison
Special Projects, Logistics and Administration
I live with infinite enthusiasm about life and wish to leave my spirit in the world for longer than my presence.
Aloysio Campos da Paz
Special Projects Lead
I am a global citizen, born in Egypt and raised in Japan. This background lead me to community activism, especially in relation to the environment
Aiman Ragab
Logistics Manager
Amritabha Guha
Administration Manager
Offsite/Ex- Members
Biology OttawaU Major, BCIT graduate in Broadcast and Online Journalism. Passionate about the environment, sustainability and social issues. Joined the team as a writer but has taken on the role of editor-in-chief. Bilingual, loves skiing, singing and dancing.
Azi Kojouri
Undergraduate student in the Interdisciplinary program, Faculty of Arts. Passionate about learning and impacting lives to live in better and more sustainable world.
Maria Shive
Volunteer Manager